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"Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters find

obama_birth_announcement.jpgThe "birther" phenomenon -- those who maintain that President Obama was not born in the United States despite his Hawaiian birth certificate and a 1961 birth announcement (image at right) that was officially placed -- is strong in the rural South, according to the latest findings from a North Carolina-based polling organization.

Public Policy Polling of Raleigh, N.C. released the findings last week of a survey of Virginia voters that found only 53% of those planning to cast a ballot in this fall's election for governor think Obama was born in the United States, while 24% say he was not and another 24% are unsure. Birther sentiments are not limited to those who oppose the president: Among those Virginia voters who say Obama is doing a good job, 7% still have doubts about his U.S. birth while another 10% say they're unsure.

PPP released another poll of North Carolina voters this week that had similar findings, with only 54% of respondents saying with certainty that they believe Obama was born in the United States, 26% saying he was not and 20% unsure. There's a big divide by political party, with only 24% of N.C. Republicans believing Obama was born in the United States compared to 63% of Independents and 75% of Democrats.

Interestingly, the pollsters also threw in a question about whether North Carolina voters believe Hawaii is part of the United States -- and found that fully 8% of respondents said either that it was not or that they were unsure. With 68% of those voters expressing disapproval of Obama's performance, the pollsters wonder whether people's refusal to acknowledge that Hawaii is a U.S. state "may be a response to dislike of the President the state produced."

The findings come on the heels of a Daily Kos poll we reported on last week that found the South to be a stronghold of birther sentiment, with 47% of the region's residents certain Obama was born in the United States, compared to 93% of those in the Northeast, 90% in the Midwest and 87% in the West.

The PPP pollsters also found that the birthers are a rural phenomenon. While 29% of North Carolina's overall population describe where they live as rural, 43% of the birthers do. In Virginia, 24% of the population says they live in a rural community compared to 33% of the birthers. And this finding can't be attributed only to rural voters being more likely  to vote Republican, the pollsters note:

For instance in North Carolina 64% of rural Republicans think he was not born in the US, compared to 47% of Republicans overall. 20% of rural Democrats think he wasn't born in the US, compared to 12% of all Democrats.

That same trend holds in Virginia where 53% of rural Republicans think Obama was not born in the US, compared to 41% of all Republicans.

(Image of Barack Obama's 1961 birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper from Buzznewsroom)



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re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

That's because people who live in small towns and rural areas are willfully ignorant. You actually have to work really hard at being that dumb. But it sure makes feeling indignant self-righteousness easy!

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

People need to wake up and see this lying fraud for who he is, an America hating, Saudi King bowing, dictator loving, former cocaine addict, racist Kenyan usurper dirt-bag Chicago thug! The questions about obummer continue to mount! No there is new evidence about his Fake Birth certificate and that Obama’s mother didn’t live at claimed address in Hawaii when obama was born

The records from a Honolulu title search, obtained by WND, document 6085 Kalanianaole Highway was purchased in 1958 by Orland Scott Lefforge, a University of Hawaii professor, and his wife/companion Thelma Young, who lived at the property and remained owners into the 1970s.


And the Globe is running an article about obama’s fake birth certificate. Granted they’re a “gossip rag” but then “The Enquirer” busted John Edwards in spite of denial after denial by him and all the major news agencies.


The questions won’t go away until obama releases his hidden records. All he has to do is make the following official public statement,

"I Barack Obama authorize the State of Hawaii to release and make public all of my records on file."

That's it. Issue over. But he won't because he's a fraud!! Obama knows that millions of citizens want to see it yet he continues to hide it. What and why is he hiding?

And maybe more disturbing is why don't BHO's supporters want to know the whole truth, especially since there's a reward of $100,000 for proof that Obama is a "natural born" citizen of the United States? The answer is that Obama’s very own supporters also know he’s a fraud!


re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Looks like someone forgot his meds again.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Please delete this nonsense from an otherwise top-notch web site and organization-- or at least categorize this material as typical of the things these racists are inflamed by... Captain Steve and his ilk won't be satisfied until some psycho kills our President. They've probably always felt threatened by intelligent, earnest, high achievers who worked for something besides their own lame self-centered goals. Delete--we know they are out here. They're why the country is in such a mess right now. Steve p;robably thinks Bush was a rancher from Crawford, TX, not a yuppie, draft dodging cheerleader from Andover.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

So, the President is a Kenyan born, secret Muslim socialist Manchurian candidate, who wants to euthanize seniors. Well, that's one theory. Here's another: You guys are f***ing crazy!

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

CaptainSteve, you are one sick puppy? Why don't you have 'RACIST' tatooed on your forehead so that everyone knows what you are before you open your big, white trash, mouth. You "Super Patriots" are a real joke. The majority of people voted for Obama, but you won't accept a democratically elected President because he is black. So much for American democracy. You are, by definition, traitors not patriots. Go burn a cross or what ever you local yokels do for entertainment, but keep your lies for your local Klan gathering.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

CaptainSteve, his mother was a US citizen, does not matter where he was born. Also if he was born in Kenya, where is his mother's passport/visa paper trail? This is not about any BC, this is about being President while black. There were some pretty nasty things done to black people just because they wanted to vote. It really put the zap to the minds of the racists who believed this could ever happen (see birth of a nation), a black President.

So they hope against hope and will do or say anything that will undo this wrong. I'am glad these groups belong to the republican party. The party that was against civil rights in the 60's.

Like George Foreman say, crying don't get you the championship i cried for 5 years.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Clever as the devil incarnate, Mrs. Obama, sensing that her son would become president 48 years later, cleverly left her home of Hawaii and gave birth in a secret lair at a den of iniquity at some undisclosed foreign location. Deviously, she and her towel-wearing co-conspirators placed notices of birth in not one, but two Hawaiian newspapers, just to throw us off the scent. Then, she snuck back into the country with her illegally birthed son in the dead of night and resumed her quiet, deep-cover life, knowing full-well that her son had been genetically implanted with anti-American tendencies. Then, through a top-secret, remote osmosis procedure perfected in a den in North Korea and transmitted via radio waves, the young Obama's brain was implanted with daily thoughts of subversion conceived by none other than the grand dictator, Stalin himself. Of course, the conspirators had chosen wisely, because being a black man named Barak, Mr. Obama was most certainly going to become elected president by his 48th birthday. Did I mention that 48 is the number of real American states, before the false states of Alaska and Hawaii invaded our great nation? The Alaskans are really Russians, and everyone knows that Hawaii is a country of foreigners ruled over by Don Ho. And that, my friends, proves it all beyond a doubt.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Whatever you say.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

CaptainSteve, your hate and idiocy have obviously no boundaries.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Some birthers will try to tell us that race has nothing to do with it. If that is true then why do so many of them link to wnd and canadafreepress which are sites controlled by white nationalists?

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

capt steve,

You are one of the rush, colter, beck, drudge report (ha), fox news (ha, ha) followers, its obvious in your comments. You are probably one that needs insurance reform but would cut off your nose to spite your face.

President Obama was born in the US, his birth certificate has been released and also the birth announcement, NOTHING would satisfy you and you know it. I'm sure you voted for John McCain, he my friend, was not born in the United States.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

LMAO! You're funny. John Stewart says it best...


... if you got a better explanation, I'd love to see it. lol

The newspaper confirms everything. But regardless, he would be a citizen no matter where he was born - his mother was an American.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Good Job Capt. Steve. No wonder people all over the world think U.S. Southerners are dumbazzes.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Where in east Tennessee are you living, Steve?

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

The interesting find is that "birthers" are more likely to live in rural areas. My experience living in less urban areas in NC make this easy to believe. Local power structures are generally monolithic with many of the small southern towns organized around agriculture or textile mills. The general populations have been conditioned not to think critically and the dependence of most on one or a handful of boss families for work and a place to live encourages working families to follow the lead of the bosses, who generally only serve their own interests. To me this explains a lot of the authoritarian behavior in the rural south. If someone disagrees with the leaders, he might not have a job.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

I love it, I can now stand in front of the "Death Panel" with a smile.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

A very interesting phenomenon regarding birfers is the quantity of Canadians and Brits who are participating in the dialogues on the many birfer Web sites and, in particular, the Canadian Web sites that are politically to the right of Darth Vader on this and other American political topics.
Seems like there's as much lunacy from without as there is from within, disregarding Orly Taters and her troglodytes.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Very likely the people you mention owned the house as a rental property and President Obama's maternal grandparents and parents were tenants.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Everybody call Senator Grassley - thank him for saving us from the Death Panels - ask him why he refuses to talk about the birth certificate!!!!!

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

The PPP report, which has gotten N.C. dumped on everywhere from Rachel Maddow to CBS to CNN, has holes in its polling you could drive a semi-truck full of screaming pigs through.

For one, the PPP did its survey with robocall software. That's so half-assed, even CBS felt compelled to point out its unreliability.

Think a minute about who answers the phone when a pollster calls. It's not 46 percent of ALL N.C. voters. It's those who 1) don't screen calls, 2) had so little to do they stayed on the line when a robot called at a time most people consider inconvenient, 3) didn't even hang up when said robot went on at length with such intros as "Next, I'm going to ask you about seven issues."

BTW, whatever happened to Howard Dean's 50 State STrategy? Liberals like Rachel Maddow have forgotten how hard it was to turn N.C. blue last year, much less worrying making our jobs harder in '10.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi


Do me a favor. Next time you have a thought... let it go. Thinking just doesnt suit you. I am from Myrtle beach south carolina and I think the birthers are the most willfully ignorant and moronic slivers and human trash this side of the milky way. Every single one of those ignorant, racist, gun crazy, bile spewing, bible hugging, right wing nutjobs I see I give ten whole minutes to picture me beating them senseless (not hard to do) with a lead pipe.

Go jerk off to fox news you ignorant pricks.

re: "Birther" phenomenon strong in the rural South, pollsters fi

Obama promised he would be a "transparent" president. If an "empty suit" is transparent then he has kept the promise.

As he surrounds himself with associates like Van Jones (by his own words a communist) Obama becomes a pretty suspicious character. Face the truth, you have been suckered in this election.

Many leftists, in desperate love with Obama's image, hurl "racist" at anyone who criticizes him. The posters above do this again and again -- but these writers are really the racists. Simply Google "psychological projection" to learn why "racist" is their favorite word.

There is something very wrong with Obama. His supporters are in obvious denial trying to block honest questions like, exactly what were the circumstances of his birth (read the Constitution to see why that is important), what grades did he get in college, did he misrepresent his citizenship to obtain benefits, and others relating to his otherwise unknown background.

Some posters think the people of the South are both ignorant and stupid, but I don't agree. They are suspicious of a shifty shadow for their president. I think they more generally believe in self-reliance and personal freedom in a way that has been lost in big cities, where dependence and acquiescence to government prevails.