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VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks resistance

georgia_immigration_law_backlash.jpgGeorgia's Republican legislators did not mince words last week when they passed a Peach State version of Arizona's anti-immigrant racial profiling law.   

"They have done a marvelous job with it," said state Senator Renee Unterman, praising her sheriff for putting immigrants into deportation proceedings using the 287(g) program. Under a 287(g) agreement, the federal government deputizes local law enforcement to act as immigration agents.

"When I drive down the street, I don't see as many people who are foreign. They've scattered. They're terrified, and that's good."

Senator Unterman urged her fellow legislators to pass HB87, authorizing local law enforcement throughout Georgia to act as immigration agents. While the 287(g) program has been good for her county, she argued, the "foreigners" are just packing up and moving across the county line. Unterman's message was clear:  HB87 will drive "foreigners" out of Georgia the way 287(g) has driven them out of her county.  

Unterman's anxiety over the browning of Georgia comes from firsthand experience. She represents Gwinnett County, a county that was overwhelmingly white when Unterman was mayor of Loganville in the late eighties. By the time Unterman was elected to the state senate in 2002, Gwinnett County's white population had dropped to 67% of the total. Today, whites are in the minority. Latino and Asian immigrants, plus African Americans, today make up 51% of the county's population.

Unterman's Republican colleagues, perhaps seeing Gwinnett County's abrupt demographic shift as portent, voted to pass HB87. The bill now goes to the governor, who has until May 24 to sign. Unless he vetoes, the bill becomes law.   

And then?

And then immigrants -- the "foreign" looking ones, at least -- scatter, leaving the state in droves. The threat of a 51% people of color state passes. That is the Republican-dominated legislature's intent.  

Then again, Republican legislators could be in for a surprise.  

If the size and energy of rallies against HB87 over the past few months is an indication, the rising volume of anti-immigrant rhetoric seems to have roused Georgia's immigrants and allies. Undocumented youth in particular are reacting to the crackdown not by running away but by insisting on their right to remain. When seven undocumented students stopped traffic in downtown Atlanta on April 5, they did so by setting down a banner that read "We will no longer remain in the shadows."  

The youths' courage is contagious. Dozens of undocumented people joined a vigil last week outside the Georgia Capitol building on the last day of the session, as legislators debated HB87. The bill passed at 10:15 p.m., when the vigil was already in its fifth hour. Xochitl Bervera of SomosGeorgia gave the bad news to the crowd.  

There were three seconds of silence.

Then a voice yelled out, loud and clear: Aqui estamos! The crowd answered: Y no nos vamos!  The chant -- we are here, and we're not leaving -- made it clear that something has shifted. It may be that the passage of HB87, designed to drive people out, will turn out to be the moment when people decided to stay and fight.


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re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

First of all its not anti immigrant. its anti ILLEGAL immigrant. which means someone who has broken the law by coming to this country. either crossing an international boundary OR overstaying student and travel Visas. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE between someone following the laws and doing it right, versus someone who does not care about our laws and does things the wrong way

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

If this is only about illegal immigration, then why Senator Unterman so elated that she can SEE foreign people? The only way you can tell people are FOREIGN and the only way you can tell if they are here on valid visas or not is to examine their papers. So when she says, "When I drive down the street, I don't see as many people who are foreign" what is she talking about? What she SEES is not nationality or legal status, but color. This might not be about race for you, but it is certainly about race in her mind.


re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res


In a letter to U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, one of the Leftist Czar in the Justice Department, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) has labeled Utah's guest worker amnesty as "illegal" and expressed consternation at Attorney General Holder's obvious refusal to enforce the law in Utah when he has been so quick to counter Arizona's interior enforcement laws. This shows the Liberal influence pushing for some form--any form of amnesty, that the TEA PARTY will fight as the costs are astronomical, and it overruling the laws of of our country. This is a contradiction to Janet Napolitano stating that the Border fence is more secure than ever before.

On Fox News and on C-Span TV broadcasts, has illustrated the mess our immigration laws are? Not because they are poorly organized, but because the laws are not enforced. If the TEA PARTY has any effect on this major problem, the will be no Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AMNESTY): killing Sanctuary State policies, the Dream Act Amnesty; Chain migration (Amnesty) or anything else that stinks of Amnesty for lawbreakers. That’s why we have millions of illegal aliens pouring into this country, because at some future time, they expect--MASS AMNESTY. It never worked in 1986, so it certainly will not work now? Not because of bad leadership at the borders, but owing to the fact that hundreds of miles in this dangerous territory, the US Border Patrol clashes with stupid, environmental laws imposed by the Bureau of Land Management , Game and Fisheries and Forest, Parks and Public lands.

Rancher Jim Chilton put this lie to rest, by stating to a federal committee, that his 50 miles of border, of which he owns is wide open to the drug traffickers and illegal people smugglers. Jim Chilton added where there is a fence; it is no different to what you see rusting along any highway. In Chilton testimony he explained to the mix of party members, that the people live in fear along the border. If you leave your home it’s likely to get broken into. His own ranch had been burglarized twice and he cannot go outside, unless he is fully armed. So because of land managed laws, the US border Patrol must ask for permission to enter certain areas of land, because of such things as the endangered species Act. While at the same time the criminal surveillance persons have the most expensive binoculars and other equipment to watch the movement of the border patrol. The Border agents are essentially not patrolling along the border fence, where they are needed.

Is there some ominous connection between the drug cartels and why the--REAL--fences, between our southern border and our National security? Does it seem strange to anybody else that after the 2006 Secure Fence Act was enacted, almost within a month funding for the bill was cut drastically and even today not even a single fencing has been completed? If the first steel enforced fence had been constructed, with a second fence, some thousand feet apart, maybe the drug traffickers would have not easy access to the children of America. With "drag roads" as they are called, ( parallel patrol tracks between the fences) between the 15 foot chain link fence, adorned with concertina razor wire, manned by permanent National Guard watchtowers within visible sight of each other. One Republican has sponsored a third fence scenario, which would be even a greater deterrent to the drug and illegal alien invasion.


States that ignore immigration laws, such as Sanctuary California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, will have endured floods of economic new Arrivals that politicians will force their taxpayers to financially support. Georgia and a few more concerned States will not bare the major money burden of fewer welfare aliens searching for another location to pilfer of public services.

America is in a sorry way under numerous administrations, that have built massive governments agencies and many should be closed down. We are overextended in credit and we must bail ourselves out, by cutting costs to thousands of government agencies. With a rising 14 Trillion dollar deficit, that it’s not going away and all Americans must be prepared to draw in the financial belts. The Obama government must draw out the criminals that are stealing from Medicare and Medicaid. Huge criminal organizations are stealing from taxpayers, with dubious doctors and expensive tests. No matter the fiscal Consequences we must not go above the US debt system, by the leftist democrats using fear. Illegal immigration is not a small issue, as it now has grown out of all proportions and costing us billions every year.

It’s no good expecting the Democrats or the Republicans to dig us out of this mess, as only the TEA PARTY is a growing party, splitting from the wealthy right. They have the empowerment to solve this out-of-control-problem. Visit a local TEA PARTY website no matter what religion, party affiliation, as long as you entered the United States legally. Find out what illegal immigration is costing you. Did you know that you, the taxpayer support the education for illegal alien children and free health care for the whole family? Do you know that they get priority over US Citizens for low income housing, if they have four children? All these answers and more can be located at NumbersUSA. Reading about Oregon giving drivers licenses to foreign nationals, is not only a security risk, but will mean illegal people will flow in by the thousands, with false resident ID, to take advantage of these State documents being issued.

Remember if you buy American, you may be saving your job?

The liberal agenda is awash and must be ended. No more environmentalists’s threats and start drilling for oil in Alaska, the Gulf and anywhere else? We are being held hostage by Saudi Arabia and fossil fuel countries, which our military fought and died for in the Gulf War. Nor should we exhaust our corn supplies for ethanol demand. America can build anything of a better quality, then anything from Communist China or cheap labor nations. Only one television unit is made in the United States today and importers of inferior products is making a fortune on America as unemployment grows. The vicious trade circle is enlarging all the time, when we buy a cheap computer or appliance and put more American in the welfare line. Seen ABC Channel seven of the house that was emptied of all foreign goods with only one glass vase left in the room. The Mega-corporations are outsourcing highly skilled US citizens and legal residents, while we receive indigent people who steal past our poorly guarded single fence; with hundreds of miles of our national border open to the incursions of foreigners undercutting low income American jobs. As for Nafta and Cafta that our representatives approved, they are unfair trade treaties and now they are going to allow Mexican 18 wheeler rigs on our highways throughout America. What is wrong with the people who run America; somewhere they must be on the take, as no patriot would arrange business practices that are hurting the American people?

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

I just can't wait to see this country down hill due to the economy dropping for stopping the immigration of really hard workers. It will be fun to see Americans trying to cross Mexican borders to find jobs and find a way of leaving because your country wouldn't have enough money so Americans can leave out of walfere like they always do.. Good Luck Americans! I will see you in Mexico! I be waiting for you to laugh and tell you get the Hell out of my country!

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

So it seems that America no longer has anything worth risking the ire of Klan, Noe-natzis, etc., escaping from the he'll that has become many areas and cities in Mexico, Central & South America. These people should be applauded - theirs is the spirit that made America; willing to risk and leave behind everything for a better life. After all, we are doing to their countries what Hitler did to Poland, Checslovacia, and Hungary; a blitzkrieg using sociological, psychological, pharmaceutical, and electronic weapons with the W.A.R. On Drugs as a pretext using the drug cartels as proxy dictators(now not even bothering with elections) like we've always done, and of course the very wealthy ruling classes, the ones that we've thrown money at, and OTher "favors" treat their poor like :($(;) as in most countries. No surprise that those carrying the drugs across the borders may actually be working for US, where those drugs are being used as chemical/anti-social weapons in targeted communities; worth mentioning is that after the devastation from the drugs and psi-ops, the Emergency Powers Acts are invoked, replacing elected officials with the toadies of those that cooked up this nightmare. These people are refugees, not "illegals", and now so are the rest of us; we go out of our way to assist those in various countries in Africa, for example; those responsible have positions of power in our Government. These people are of the same batch that have been using economic warfare against the rest of America in order to tighten the purse strings on most of the well-off Americans so that such supportive programs and contributions for these refugees are less likely, so as to seporate our different races/ cultures thereby promoting the preliminary actions in their genocide over the generosity of spirit that many Americans are known for. Damn right we're going to challenge them!

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

the truth is theres so many people in this country that have been here since they were children, went and graduated and tried as best as they could to live an american life.though they were brought by there parents and are not at fault of being here now are those people also criminals???

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

Actually, that is the case since decades, way many gringos labor in all countries throughout latinamerica: english teachers, bussiness translators, chefs, sport instructors, etc. And they love it! Here, we don't hate people because of their color or background!

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

everyone who agrees with these laws are very stupid especially those who supposably say they are christians but agree you all are just hipacrits the immigrants are just people like us and one day hopefully they will come in power and do the same to those who agree with the law....... screw everyone who is along with this law at this moment im ashamed to say im american because of you guys.....

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

Why were these undocumented youth not arrested?

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

so atleast I could say the land I Owen here in the USA I didn't have to kill anyone to Owen it like the very first immigrants, but like Carlos Santana say if you support anti immigrant laws than we all need to lease this soils because they belong to native Americans or have u forgotten ur History cause I wanst born here but was race here n I sure know us history, Have u though who your ancestors had to kill to keep the land the own now at least I could say I own a clean land not stain with some ones blood when all of u persuing people when is time to find ur way to heaven take a chair cause u sure gonna have to wait a long time just to see if u will be accepted in heaven or u might be an undocumented immigrant trying to go into heaven u might have to go thru god and see if he approves ur visa to enter heaven good luck to u all I think u will need it more than an immigrant god bless ur hearts

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

When white emigrants came here, we did not learn the Indian language--we demanded they learn our English, and we made them change their names as they were forced to "CEDE" their lands to the whites. "Cede" my ass... they were forced to leave for the reservations. Yes, the land we have developed our rascist society on was stolen from those native Americans. We should leave, "cede" everything to them, and return to from whence we came. If you don't want to leave, then you must learn their language, take on a fitting Indian name, such as "Big Mouth", "No Soul" or how about "Lost in History".

re: VOICES: Georgia's passage of anti-immigration law sparks res

First thing first the only reason all we are here is for better life, if mexico wasn't so corrupted we wouldn't even bother coming to this country. Second we also are trying to save ours lifes, right now as I'm writing this, people are getting killed for not a good damn reason, and who is doing the killing, los putos carteles, why u ask bc they want to cash in on the drugs the american people buy so much. don't just blame us, blame yourselves for filling the need for drugs in this country. We are a country living in poverty, the carteles will never survived if we were the only costumers. 15 billion dollars each year is the profit that the carteles make from the usa alone, that's dollars not pesos people. Weaponry from the usa is the favorite killing tool for them. The US shouldn't just enforced the border from the mexican side, it should also enforced the traffic that is leaving this country.