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Immigration: Rhetoric vs. reality

Just as immigration is growing as a hot political topic in the South and country, the number of immigrants is in steep decline.

A new study from Princeton's Mexican Migration Project finds that, for the first time in 60 years, net migration has fallen to zero -- and is probably "a little bit negative." That's in line with analysis by groups like the Pew Hispanic Center, which have found that births in U.S.-based families has overtaken immigration as the chief driver in Latino community growth.

In fact, immigration has been tapering off since its 2000 peak; theories for decline include increased prosperity in Mexico, shrinking Latino families and criminal activity along the border.

One factor that likely hasn't had any effect: Get-tough immigration policies, from stepped-up federal deportations to controversial new state-level initiatives, which are too recent to explain the decade-long decline.

That hasn't stopped the push for strict new immigration measures, especially in Southern states which have seen dramatic demographic shifts in recent years. This month, new laws requiring that employers cross-check the eligibility of jobseekers using the troubled E-Verify system go into effect in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee.

But portions of the laws are now hung up in court after lawsuits from activist groups and, in Alabama's case, a challenge from the Obama administration.

But these legal battles, and the reality that immigration has slowed to a trickle, hasn't stopped politicians from turning it into a hot election-year issue. As GOP presidential hopefuls prepare for the January 21 primary in South Carolina -- a state convulsed by demographic changes -- they've ratcheted up the anti-immigrant rhetoric, as James Rosen of McClatchy-Tribune reports:

Listening to the GOP White House aspirants, you wouldn't know that the number of illegal immigrants in the United States is down, attempted border crossings are at a 40-year low and President Barack Obama has deported undocumented workers at almost twice the rate as his predecessor.

With slight variations, the top candidates back mass deportations, tough state enforcement laws and extending the 675-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, and they oppose giving most illegal immigrants a path to legal residency.

Some Republicans have called for toning down the anti-immigrant rhetoric. Last month, Sen. John McCain told CNN, "The Republican Party has to discuss [immigration] in as humane a way as possible. We have to have empathy, we have to have concern and we have to have a plan."

Meanwhile, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney has pledged to veto the Dream Act, which would provide legal residency to youth who attend college or serve in the military; former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum calls for mass deportations; and former Rep. Newt Gingrich was blasted by his GOP opponents for proposing a path to citizenship for those who have lived in the U.S. for decades.

Read more here: http://www.islandpacket.com/2012/01/07/1919743/illegal-immigration-remains-key.html#storylink=cpy

The hard-line stance may work for mobilizing the GOP base, but it carries a big political risk for Republicans: Alienating Latino voters, especially in states like Florida.

Aggressive anti-immigrant views may give President Obama just the push he needs in among Latinos, who seem to have cooled to the president after his administration's failure to tackle immigration reform and the escalation of deportations under his tenure. According to Pew, deportations have risen to about 400,000 a year since 2009 -- 30 percent higher than the average under George W. Bush's second term. Latinos oppose these policies by a two-to-one margin. (On the flip side, the administration recently eased the granting of waivers to undocumented spouses and children, which could affect up to 100,000 people.)

But perhaps due to the GOP's growing embrace of controversial immigration controls, Latinos still strongly favor Obama over the Republican opposition. Pew's survey of Latino registered voters found Obama won over Romney 68 percent to 23 percent in a hypothetical match-up, and prevailed over Gov. Rick Perry 69 percent to 23 percent.

Overall, 67 percent of Latinos said they identify with or lean towards the Democratic Party; when asked "which party has more concern for Hispanics," 45 percent said the Democrats and 12 percent said Republicans.

Read more here: http://www.islandpacket.com/2012/01/07/1919743/illegal-immigration-remains-key.html#storylink=cpy



Facing South
Facing South
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If you object to amnesty, or are not pro open borders, you're called a bigot. Now think about it: how can we have one set of rules for one country/people, and another set of rules for all other countries/peoples with regard to immigration? Is that going to work? And is it really a good thing for a nation, any nation, to have economic refugees flood in from around the world without limit? We might as well throw our reason out of the window. I remember when I was in school and wanted to do something different than a rule specified, the teacher would say, "If I make an exception for you, I'll have to make an exception for everyone." If we need to change the immigration laws to make things more fair, then lets change the laws, not grant 'exceptions' to one group, while excluding another, which will likely create more problems than it fixes.

The Battle has only just begun?

Before State immigration enforcement laws are repealed, before the some Liberal effected judges start blocking portions of these laws, it is way past time to enact federal laws at the congressional level. Already the Democrats are trying to revoke Arizona's policing laws and very soon the same party will work to circumvent Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, Utah and any other state that are badly abused by the illegal alien outlaws, legally stealing money from taxpayers with consent of the IRS. Missouri could be next on the vulnerability list of the Department of Justice, Liberal press and open border nuts egging on political Washington activists? These almost unlimited costs of welfare payments and public assistance programs for their children's education, family medical care and the prison population explosion is in the billions of dollars every year.

You can go to the Heritage Foundation, NumbersUSA and unlimited corruption at Judicial Watch for these pro-sovereignty assessments of monolithic costs. These effects are caused by years of unparalleled disrespect for American citizens and legal residents. This is paramount incompetence that millions say, especially the TEA PARTY that this invasion was intentionally allowed to flood our country. This is caused by decades of treachery and neglect for the border fence and incomprehensible failure to make illegal entry as a--FELONY. Cheap labor and votes is the mainstay of this dispersion plague--that is what is all about? Massive failure to follow the doctrines of the U.S. Constitution and with court judges writing their own laws is apparent. Now with no substantial answers to this cancer, both parties are looking towards a blanket amnesty, which will cost 2.3 trillion dollars to complete.

Two Bills that can counteract any measure of the courts and the leftists move within the Democratic Party, as they endeavor to break the back of state laws? Today! Now! Contact your Washington Representative and demand they pass these bills. Criticize to the Federal and State offices of Senators and the Congressional House phone switchboard at 202-224-3121. "The Legal Workforce Act", (H.R. 2885); Mandatory e-Verify on a federal level, will essential begin self-deportation of illegal workers along with their families. Passed by Congress, the law will not only banish unauthorized labor, but those businesses owners that fail to carry out the law, could be fined or find themselves facing a prison sentence.

The second bill that needs to pass is "The Birthright citizenship law" (H.R.140) amending the right of illegal parents of claiming citizenship for unborn babies smuggled into our country, once again circumvent immigration laws. If the Congress does not begin to start enforcing the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) as found in the Federal Register, America will be overrun with impoverished people, seeking a way out of their own poverty in other countries; from Europe to South and Central America and every other hemisphere. This is another billion dollar expense of unfunded mandates slammed on to all taxpayers--without Representation? These are two of the most important taxpayer laws that potential presidents Mitt Romney (C+), Ron Paul (F), Rick Perry (D+), Newt Gingrich (D), Jon Huntsman (D) and Rick Santorum (D) and Borack Obama (F-) have been graded upon by NumbersUSA for their stance on the 20 million plus illegal aliens already homesteading here and laws to halt this travesty. The TEA PARTY is not for any kind of AMNESTY, Sanctuary City policies, Uncontrollable Chain Migration or state law Dream Acts. With Florida primaries arriving very shortly, we must be ever vigilant of illegal aliens voting. They have and will again, specially in 2012.


On the one hand, the author says that immigration is not a legitimate issue and that illegal immigration has been in dramatic decline since 2000.

On the other hand, he refers to "Southern states which have seen a dramatic demographic shift in recent years," and "South Carolina--a state convulsed by demographic changes."

What does he think is the source of those changes?

Shouldn't we be allowed to discuss whether these changes are desirable?

Neither side wants to solve this problem; if a politician brings it up he will be tarred with the "racist" brush.

Give me a break!

No side is serious about

No side is serious about immigration reform, because the presence of the immigrants serves the 1%, by driving down the wages and benefits of US workers.

For the same reason, H1-B visa workers will continue streaming into the US, despite the utter lack of any "talent shortage" among professional workers.

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