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INSTITUTE INDEX: The hidden costs of the 'Newt Gallon'

Price to which Republican presidential hopeful and former Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich says he will reduce the price of a gallon of gas to if elected, which he's touting as the "Newt Gallon": $2.50

After Gingrich introduced the Twitter hashtag #250gas on Feb. 24, number of tweets that included it a day later: 2,900-3,500

Current average price of a gallon of gas: $3.72

Portion of Americans who blame President Obama for rising gas prices: 1 in 5

Portion who blame oil companies: 1 in 7

Increase in quarterly profits of the big five oil companies -- BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell -- per each penny increase in gas prices: $200 million

Percent by which the number of oil rigs operating in the U.S. has increased over the past three years: 400

Price of a gallon of gas that Gingrich called the "historic norm": $2-$2.50

Number of "Pinocchios" the Washington Post fact-checker gave him for that statement, out of a possible four indicating a blatant lie: 3

Estimated number of barrels of domestic oil that Gingrich said could be reached via deeper and more difficult drilling even with $2.50/gallon gas: 1.4 trillion

Number of metric tons of carbon dioxide released from each barrel of oil burned: 0.43

Total number of metric tons of carbon dioxide that would be released if Gingrich's plan to tap all that oil were successful: 602,000,000

Level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, measured in parts per million, that leading climate scientists say is the safe upper limit in order to avoid cataclysmic impacts: 350

Current level of atmospheric carbon dioxide: 392

The cost of delaying action on global warming according to Yale economist William Nordhaus, even using an outdate price for carbon: $4.1 trillion

If we were to stabilize the atmospheric carbon dioxide at roughly 550 ppm, degrees Fahrenheit by which the earth would warm: about 5.4

Warming in degrees Fahrenheit for which the world is currently on pace: 11

Date on which Newt Gingrich told Fox News that he believes "we don't know" whether man-made global warming is real: 11/30/2011

Percent of Americans who believe global warming is happening: 62

Rank of the South among the four U.S. regions where the greatest percentage of residents believe that global warming is affecting the weather: 1

(Click on figure to go to source. Image from the Newt Gingrich campaign website.)

Facing South
Facing South
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These are some pretty

These are some pretty interesting statistics. The real problem is that we can't get to a cleaner energy overnight and President Obama hoping for higher gas prices to make that happen is unrealistic. The truth is that we need to us the oil we are sending to other countries, get our costs down, so that people can have the money to create the new systems.


Sometimes people make things harder at the en ligne casino than what it really, especially when it comes to clean energy but maybe it only seems easier.

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