Facing South

What does plummeting immigration from Mexico mean for the South?

The growth of Latino communities has been a central story -- in many communities, the central story -- in the South's recent history. Starting in the 1980s, accelerating in the 1990s and taking flight over the last decade, the rise of the Latino South has changed the face of the region and permanently shifted its political landscape.

But at the moment, the largest immigration wave in U.S. history may be losing steam.

This week, the Pew Hispanic Center released a study which shows that the net flow of migrants from Mexico to the U.S. has completely stopped -- and may even be negative, with more people leaving the U.S. for Mexico than coming to this country.

It wasn't a complete surprise: As Facing South reported in January, another study by the Princeton Mexican Migration Project had come to the same conclusion. But it once again raises the issue of the disconnect between the growing battles over immigration policy at the state and federal level, and the reality of declining immigration itself.

The Pew report finds that the number of immigrants from Mexico to the U.S. fell by more than 50% between 2005 and 2010. In the same time period, the number moving from the U.S. to Mexico doubled, from 700,000 to 1.4 million.

As the 2010 Census showed, Southern states had been the biggest beneficiaries of Latino immigration over the last decade. Indeed, the growth of these Latino communities were the single biggest factor in the South gaining eight Congressional seats and Electoral College votes after the 2010 Census. Mexican immigrants make up 63 percent of the nation's entire Latino population, according to the Census.

What's caused the reversal? The fact that the slow-down started before Arizona and subsequent states enacted get-tough immigration legislation makes that an unlikely explanation, although they have had undoubted impact.

The Pew Hispanic Center itself points to a wider array of influences -- economic, political and demographic:

The standstill appears to be the result of many factors, including the weakened U.S. job and housing construction markets, heightened border enforcement, a rise in deportations, the growing dangers associated with illegal border crossings, the long-term decline in Mexico’s birth rates and changing economic conditions in Mexico.

What does it mean long term? What will happen when the economy picks back up, and now that the Obama administration -- after harsh criticism from Latinos -- has apparently eased on deportations? Stay tuned.

Facing South
Facing South
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The illegal immigration Armageddon

Not that American citizens’ have any faith in what the U.S. government tells us, as I prefer to listen to people who live along the border fence. WASHINGTON D.C. TELLS US WHAT THE PUBLIC WANT TO HEAR? The populace has been lied to so much by those in power now, and even the GOP, that nothing that comes out of either of their mouths is at all trustworthy? Just look at the ‘Solyndra’ and gun running scandal and the unaccountable dollars spent for leisure by General Service’s administration. Personally I don’t trust any of them, therefore telling us the numbers of illegal aliens entry numbers are way down, can be taken with a pinch of salt? Many foreign nationals may have left, but what about the estimated 20 million plus, still squatting here. Are we not still paying for their ‘Foothold’ baby—that’s not peanuts? Taxpayers are nothing more than ‘beasts of burden’ for the rest of the world, who are continuously asked to give more..?

This Wednesday the U.S. High Court will hear Arizona vs. United States and its resistance to the incredible harassment of its policing statutes by the Department of Justice. SCOTUS will either, uphold S.B 1070 for this small defenseless border state, whose deficit was a monstrous 2.7 Billion dollars in 2009 or fall fail to the incompetent DOJ. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer said on Tuesday if the Supreme Court upholds Arizona's law, he will introduce legislation that prevents state and local authorities from enforcing their own immigration regulations. This would be the perfect storm to eject all the Democratic Senators, and their thrall of hard core Liberals out of Washington. These are the reasons that illegal immigration is thriving to not only accumulate illegal votes in November, but the $113 billion dollars extorted from our taxes for illegal alien welfare annually.

Neither this administration or its predecessors have secured the border fence. Both political parties have failed miserably to protect this country from the illegal alien occupation. Additionally the American voter must drive, track and use the severe pressure of their vote to verbally intimidate every Republican, Democrat and Liberal, informing them that they will unseat them. It is imperative that whatever the outcome of the Arizona court conflict, is to force passage of E-Verify. E-Verify mandated law would authenticate whether somebody can get employment or not? Other persons flagged will have the choice of clearing up their problem with the Social Security administration near them?

Voters must demand from GOP John Boehner, to stop blocking the bipartisan E-Verify “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” from being introduced in Congress by Texas Senator Lamar Smith. Taxpayers are continuously suffering at the hands of corrupt politicians who have sold us into financial slavery by allowing illegal immigration to persist almost unopposed in coming here. A second law to support The Legal Workforce Act H.R. 2885 is to amend the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 (H.R.140); the country cannot maintain in subsidizing billions of dollars being extracted from the 50 states? Not just the bad politicians should be thrown out of office, but state Governors, Mayors, Judges and all elected officials, and substitute them with Fresh Tea Party leaders who will insure everybody gets their fair share of the American Dream and enforce all laws attributed to the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

The consequences of pregnant females smuggled across our border, who fly in just to take advantage of the U.S. unfunded mandates laws for hospital delivery. Don’t know who to call in Washington, and then phone 202-224-3121? The switchboard will connect you with your Representative aid? Every prospective contender would be well advised to read the immigration sullen statistics advanced by “The Heritage Foundation”. According to American Federation of Immigration Reform (FAIR) there is a 2.5 Trillion dollars price tag to legitimize the 20 million plus Illegal’s who have settled here? All patriotic Americans should locate your local TEA PARTY chapter. The Tea Party is the people’s party and it welcomes every citizen and lawful resident who came to America legally. On the American Patrol website, covers the illegal alien issue, but a daily helping of the e-media from the National media, revealing everything that is against “the Rule of law’ and the sovereignty of this nation, constantly broken by Obama people.

Readers should type in any keyword that you desire, such as ID theft, Voter fraud, illegal alien welfare costs, Chain Migration, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Amnesty, Sanctuary City, Birthright Citizenship, to name just a few things in Google or Yahoo and you will be physically sick of the cover-ups the Left and Democrats keep out of the public eye.

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