Facing South

WE DO Campaign takes next step in fight for N.C. marriage equality

Following North Carolina's vote this week for Amendment One declaring that "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State," the Campaign for Southern Equality is moving forward in the fight for same-sex marriage rights.

On May 9, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples began visiting eight counties across the state to request -- and be denied -- marriage licenses. The WE DO Campaign is calling for full equality under federal law and resisting unjust state laws that prohibit marriage for some citizens.

“LGBT people and families live all across North Carolina and the South, yet do so as second-class citizens," says Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, executive director of the Campaign for Southern Equality. "The people taking part in the WE DO Campaign are standing up to say, we are equal and discriminatory laws must change on the federal level."

Yesterday the campaign visited courthouses in Wilson and Durham, N.C., where three same-sex couples were denied their requests for licenses while about 40 friends, relatives and clergy gathered in support.

The campaign is scheduled to arrive in Winston-Salem today. Other communities the campaign will target this week include Bakersville, Marshall, Asheville, Asheboro and Charlotte. The campaign started last October in its home base of Asheville, which is located in one of the eight North Carolina counties where a majority of voters opposed the marriage discrimination amendment.

For more information about the campaign, watch the video below:

Facing South
Facing South
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We Do

It would seem that 20% of The People of North Carolina decided for the rest of the us. From questioning friends, neighbors and family, most of them were A: Unaware that this amendment even existed. B: Don't vote in primaries because many of them are independents. C: Too encapsulated in their own little lives to care about anything that is not immediately to their personal benefit. When will we wake up?
BTW, Taylor H., god is not a player in this situation, despite any claims to the contrary. This amendment is a governmental issue of the civil rights of our tax-paying fellow citizens. It's yet another "Hate Thy Neighbor" law put on the books by a small group of extremist control freaks to disenfranchise a segment of the population that makes makes them nervous.

It would seem that the state

It would seem that the state put it to the people for a vote. Patriotic Americans respect the voting public even if it is situation where it is not between the people and the government but between the people and God. Nobody should be put in the "judgment" situation here.


It is crazy that people want to open certain doors that should not morally be opened but unfortunately it happens all the time in America.

Nothing patriotic about discrimination

It amazes me how many people are ignorant about how our system of government is meant to operate. We are not a democracy but a republic. What this means is that the will of a simple majority is not what drives this country but the idea of justice and liberty for all. James Madison pointed out in his Federalist No. 10 that liberty cannot survive in a democracy because the majority will always oppress minorities - the remedy to this, he stated, was to have a republic which serves to temper an overbearing majority. For this reason, individual rights, which are theoretically guaranteed in the constitution, should never, EVER be put up for popular vote. There is nothing patriotic about voting on a basic civil right for fellow citizens.

Why would they even do that?

Why would they even do that? The state has no right to declare what is ethical, neither should it send the vote to the constituents simply to avoid the blame for passing unethical legislation. The Founding Fathers declared that the purpose of government is to protect the rights of the people from the tyranny of unjust government. Deciding that two people who love each other cannot have the same rights and benefits as two other people who equally love each other is clear and outright tyranny of the government. It's Plessy v. Ferguson all over again. How long will this take to rectify? Seventy years? And don't even get started on how "this is different than racial discrimination". It's the same. Humans who are just as human as everyone else are denied the same rights.

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