Map by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.
Map by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

INSTITUTE INDEX: How Southern states' weak gun laws jeopardize the nation

Number of gun-related murders that take place on the average day in the United States: 30

Of the 10 states with the highest gun death rates, number in the South: 41

Of the 10 states with the lowest gun death rates, number in the South: 0

Percentage of states with gun death rates above the national average whose gun laws received grades of D or F in a scorecard released last year by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence: 95.6

Of the six states with the strongest gun laws2 as rated by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, number in the South: 0

Rank among the states of North Carolina, which has the South's strongest gun laws: 12th

Of the 31 states with the weakest gun laws, number in the South: 103

Factor by which the export of crime guns in the 31 states with the weakest gun laws exceeds that of the six states with the strongest laws: 9

Of the 10 states with weak guns laws that are disproportionately the top sources of guns recovered in out-of-state crimes, number in the South: 74

Percentage of all gun sales that can be completed without background checks because federal law doesn't require checks for sales between private parties: 40

According to a 2012 survey conducted for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, percentage of gun owners who support criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a gun: 87

Date on which New York enacted strict new gun control measures, becoming the first state to take legislative action on guns since the Dec. 14 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut: 1/15/2013

Of the states considering new gun restrictions in the wake of Sandy Hook, number in the South: 0

Date on which President Obama announced a federal initiative to curb gun violence, including reinstating a ban on military-style assault weapons, outlawing high-capacity magazines, closing the background-check loophole, and toughening gun-trafficking laws: 1/16/2013

Date on which Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and House Speaker Philip Gunn said they would block any federal measures limiting the right to bear and possess guns from being enforced in their state: 1/16/2013

Date on which Tennessee state Rep. Joe Carr said he planned to introduce legislation making it illegal for federal authorities to enforce any new federal gun restrictions in his state: 1/16/2013

Date on which a sheriff in Alabama said he would refuse to enforce new federal gun laws if he feels they're unconstitutional: 1/16/2013

1. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee

2. California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Hawaii

3. Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, West Virginia, Florida, Kentucky and Louisiana

4. Mississippi, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia

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Map by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.
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Gun law viewpoint

You, like many people, make a direct connection between guns and gun laws - and crime. Let's take the same approach to obesity and regulate forks. There. Problem solved.

All we can do now is choose

All we can do now is choose up sides and go at each other. There is little common ground when people give guns personalities like a gun is a living being, it is not. The hearts of men & women are the issue not an inanimate object. The media use of catch phrases to describe a criminal as a "gun" and not as the person that commits the crime is not worthy to be repeated anymore. The endless attachment of life to a gun, knife, a magazine, bayonet, hammer, club, acid bomb, assault gun, pistol, vehicle, etc. and on-&-on it goes like a circus.
People are the problem and not the means of their criminal actions but the fact they broke our laws to steal, injure, main and/or murder innocents. Tragedies do not reduce our American rights only weak willed people seeking the most identifiable answer to the horror of human malice.
Guns do not murder people, people do!

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