NC NAACP head Rev. Barber addresses protesters. (Still from Chris Hinton video)

What is Moral Monday?

Moral Monday is a series of ongoing, nonviolent protests at the North Carolina General Assembly that has been happening every Monday since April 29 (not including Memorial Day) led by the NC NAACP. The protests are meant to demonstrate a push back against an "extreme" agenda that "includes cuts to education, social programs and unemployment benefits; rejecting Medicaid expansion; new restrictions on voting and labor rights; and restarting the death penalty."

Why is it important?

The actions of the General Assembly are hurting the citizens of North Carolina, and we need to ask our legislators to care for all our citizens and not just a select few.
"We're running out of options to get our voices heard," said Chris Kromm, executive director of the Institute for Southern Studies and publisher of Facing South. "If the legislature gets its way, June will bring North Carolina unnecessary voter ID restrictions, fewer early voting days, and the end of our popular judicial public financing program. The impact of these decisions on our democracy cannot be overstated."
Why is Chris Kromm of ISS getting arrested?
Sometimes the only way to have our voices heard is to sacrifice one's own liberty. At the last event, 600 protesters were at the legislature and 49 were arrested. So far 153 have been arrested, and we estimate today's "Mega Moral Monday" will have the biggest turnout yet. The organizers don't know what to expect today, but well over 1,000 people are expected to be there.
"The voice of ordinary voters is under attack in North Carolina," says Kromm. "N.C. leaders are pushing for new restrictions on voting access while opening the door to more Big Money influence in our elections. We have no choice but to stand up for democracy."
What can you do?
  1. Come out and support your fellow citizens. Moral Monday is held every Monday. This Moral Monday will be at the Halifax Mall in Raleigh at 5 p.m. at 301 N. Wilmington St. Go to the NC NAACP for more information.
  2. Learn more about how your Representative is voting by viewing the Democracy North Carolina Report Card.
  3. If you aren't able to attend, please  this story to friends and family, post to Facebook and/or Twitter to help spread the word.  


NC NAACP head Rev. Barber addresses protesters. (Still from Chris Hinton video)
NC NAACP head Rev. Barber addresses protesters. (Still from Chris Hinton video)
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A new song "Moral Monday"

"Moral Monday"
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Our Continuing Support And Respect!

It Is Good To Have Heroes In The Fight Against The Republican Threat To Our Individual Freedoms And Constitutional Rights Under US Law. Here In Florida We Are As "Girlie-Men" Compared To You Tar Heels. We Take Whatever The Law Or The Governor ('The Dick')Scott Shoves Down Our Lily-Livered Throats. The Seminole Indians Of Florida Never EVER Surrendered To Overwhelming US Laws And Edicts. They Were Truly Men-Amongst-Men! . . . I Am Saddened That We Have Become Such Weak-Kneed Sheep. I Wish We Had The Strength Of Spirit That You Brave North Carolinians Possess! . . . "God Bless You And Keep You Safe".

Your protest

I would gladly support your movement if you would empty your own pockets to pay the differance and continue The programs as it is money does not just magically appear I for one work hard for mine and get taxed a lot... Taxes can not go up more and the state is hemoraging cash things have to go... As for Medicaid after the government pulls out after the set time period of assistance NC is stuck with the bill again draining the coffers.... This is just logic if ones family was in debt would they still go give as much to charity I think not....

Your Protest

Genuine Care trumps your logic... especially the sterile logic built on illusions of image and self gain (political status quo), and deception (e.g. secrecy, McCarthyism). These are illusions because they have a preponderance of self interest motivation. As Rumi portrays "... if in every breath you are the center of every thought, the darkness of autumn will fall on you."

There are plenty of ways to cut spending or raise revenue without harming the average person. But, these alternatives can easily disrupt the linkages of power. WHERE'S THE PUBLIC DIALOGUE? Why do we continue to run the machine producing costly and dubious legislation? Why even have an elected legislature when there could be a drafted legislature similar to serving on jury duty? Why do we continue to serve big business by continuing programs that benefit them? Why to we continue to tighten and change rules in home and commercial improvement and building that benefit insurance companies and cost everyone else so much? Why do we spend so much on lawyers (politicians) serving primarily corporate interests and so little benefit to the common man? Why is the Justice Dept. and courts of so little bonafide service to the common man? Why is police and other security spending virtually unlimited to intimidate or persecute the protestor, and to protect and insulate our government, and to protect corporations?

Give you any ideas?

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