offshore oil platform
Coming soon to waters off the coast of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia? (Photo of offshore oil platform in the North Sea by Stan Shebs via Wikipedia.)

NC legislature slows fracking rush, renews push for offshore drilling

North Carolina has a governor and legislative leadership eager to welcome the natural gas industry to the state. But in the legislative session that ended last week, that eagerness failed to translate into final passage of a bill to speed the state's move toward fracking.

Gov. Pat McCrory (R) says he's not giving up yet, though.

"We're going to keep fighting for energy," he told reporters last week. "Some minor issues tripped up the House and Senate on that issue."

Last year in a controversial late-night maneuver, North Carolina's Republican-controlled state legislature overrode a veto by former Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue to legalize fracking in the state -- doing so by a single vote cast in error. That law imposed a moratorium on issuing fracking permits until the state Mining and Energy Commission crafted regulations that were then to be approved by the legislature.

This year, with new pro-drilling Republican supermajorities in both chambers as well as a pro-drilling Republican in the executive mansion, there were several efforts to modify the existing fracking law. One proposal would have allowed disposal of fracking waste in deep underground wells. Another would have allowed energy companies to avoid disclosing chemicals used in the fracking process by claiming trade-secret exemptions. And yet another would have sped up the state's move to fracking by lifting the moratorium and allowing permits to be issued in mid-2015 -- even if regulations were still not in place and approved by the legislature.

All of those measures failed to pass.

In the closing days of the session, the proposal to lift the fracking moratorium was inserted into an unrelated bill reorganizing the state Department of Commerce. But there was not enough support in the House for the measure to win approval.

Molly Diggins of the Sierra Club's North Carolina chapter told The News & Observer that the House "has sided with the public interest in rejecting the Senate's repeated efforts to push extreme proposals on fracking."

The legislation could be brought back in next year's short session that begins in May. McCrory could also call a special session to consider the bill, though he has not said he plans to do so.

But while rejecting the proposal to speed up fracking, the North Carolina legislature took steps to move the state closer toward offshore drilling. Lawmakers approved a measure that requires McCrory to join with his fellow Republican governors Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Bob McDonnell of Virginia to press the federal government to allow energy development in federal waters that begin three miles off their coasts.

In a nod to environmental concerns, the bill sets up a $250 million fund for emergency cleanup in case of a spill. That amount is just a drop in the bucket compared to what it costs to clean up a major spill, however. As of the beginning of this year, for example, BP had spent over $14 billion in cleanup operations for its 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil-spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Coming soon to waters off the coast of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia? (Photo of offshore oil platform in the North Sea by Stan Shebs via Wikipedia.)
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Fracking and shark attacks

Wonder if the Fracking done this spring had anything to do with the sudden increase in shark attacks on the NC SC coast ???..Just a thought...

The BP Gulf Disaster has cost

The BP Gulf Disaster has cost upwards of 42.4billion, yet the N.C. Terrorist Legislature led my McCrory has graciously set aside 250million (in case) of a spill drilling off our coast in the Atlantic where the drillers have no experience open waters and lots of hurricanes. They certainly can't afford the damage they plan to cause! And to top it off they plan to use seismic air guns to search for oil while blowing out the ears of and killing tens of thousands of dolphins, whales, sea creatures, etc. Polluting Environmental Terrorists!

North Carolina Department of

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Study April 2012

"Water Quality: In the Sanford sub basin, there appears to be much less separation between groundwater used for drinking water and the gas producing layer than in other gas producing states. Water supply wells of upto 1,000 feet deep have been found in North Carolina’s Triassic Basins and the depth to which freshwater extends is unknown. Some of the shale that might be tapped for natural gas in the Triassic Basins of North Carolina lies at depths of 3,000 feet or less. (By contrast, the Pennsylvania shale gas resource lies at depths of roughly 10,000 feet or more and the deepest water supply wells are generally no more than 600 feet deep.)"

In southern Ohio, waste from one well migrated up through 1,400 feet of rock.

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