NC voter suppression protester
Efforts to suppress the vote, including restrictive voter ID laws, have been targets of mass protests in North Carolina in recent years. (Photo by Sue Sturgis)

INSTITUTE INDEX: Debunking the wild claims used to justify voter ID laws

In a comprehensive study of voter fraud allegations nationwide from 2000 to 2014, number of incidents that involved someone pretending to be someone else at the polls -- the kind of fraud that voter ID laws prevent: 31

Number of ballots cast during that same 14-year period: more than 1 billion

Of the few election fraud cases brought by the U.S. Justice Department between 2002 and 2005, when U.S. attorneys were under heavy pressure to pursue such prosecutions, number that would have been addressed by a voter ID requirement: 0

Number of states that have passed laws requiring voters to show some form of identification at the polls: 34

Number of states which had been subject to federal preclearance under the Voting Rights Act that announced more restrictive voter ID requirements after the U.S. Supreme Court's Shelby v. Holder decision rolled back preclearance requirements in 2013: 7

Percent of those seven states that are in the South: 100

Of the 31 credible voter impersonation fraud cases documented nationwide, number that are from North Carolina: 2

Months after the Shelby decision that North Carolina passed what's been described as one of the nation's most restrictive voting laws, which in addition to ID requirements that take effect in 2016 includes other provisions limiting ballot access: 2

During arguments over passing a South Carolina voter ID law in 2011, number of dead people alleged to have voted in the state's elections: hundreds

After painstakingly reviewing a quarter of the supposed "dead voters," number of fraudulent votes that the South Carolina Election Commission found evidence for: 0

Date on which Virginia's State Board of Elections voted to narrow the definition of a valid ID under that state's voter ID law: 8/6/2014

In the 243-page document that Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) submitted this week purporting to provide evidence of allegedly illegal votes in the state's recent Republic primary, number of allegations of the kind of fraud that voter ID would prevent: 0

Of the 13 counts of election fraud in a case cited in a recent ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court upholding that state's voter ID law, number that would likely have been prevented by the law: 0

In the four states that have held just a few elections under the strictest voter ID laws, number of votes which have reportedly been rejected for lack of an ID: 3,000

Factor by which African Americans are more likely than whites to lack ID: 3

Factor by which Americans earning less than $35,000 a year are more likely than those earning more to lack ID: 2

Rank of whether a person's preferred candidates win among the factors that influence whether people think elections are fair: 1

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Efforts to suppress the vote, including restrictive voter ID laws, have been targets of mass protests in North Carolina in recent years. (Photo by Sue Sturgis)
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I do not agree that voter

I do not agree that voter fraud is not common.
If someone wants to vote they should provide ID.
That way buss loads of voters won't be running around to all the polls, and we won't have 110% participation.

Curious indeed

Curious why the left is fighting photo IDs, makes one wonder what they are trying to hide.

Nobody is looking

The wild claims that no voter fraud exists ignore the reality that nobody is looking. The use of photo IDs will help combat the risk of some citizens voting more than once. This is the type of votes that we want suppressed. Photo IDs have become so routine for day to day routine personal business that they are no longer a burden to anyone.

Below is a list of places where photo IDs are required:

adopt a pet
purchase a home
purchase an automobile
purchase a gun
voter fraud Things You Are Required to Have an ID for
obtain a bank account
obtain a credit card
obtain a passport
write a check
make a credit card purchase
apply for a loan to purchase anything
to prove your age
to get married
to receive a marriage license
to drive
to buy a house
to close on a house
to get medical care
to get on a plane
to get insurance on anything
to get a job
to get a post office box
to get a hunting license
to get a fishing license
to get a business license
to cash a paycheck
rent an apartment
rent a hotel room
rent a car
rent furniture
rent tools and equipment
receive welfare
receive social security
receive food stamps
buy cigarettes
buy alcohol
buy a bus ticket
buy a cell phone
buy any antihistimine
go in to a casino
go in to a bar
go to college
have your water turned on
have your electricity turned on
have your cable turned on
have your gas turned on
obtain trash pick up service
pick up a package from the post office
pick up a package from fed ex
pick up a package from ups
pick up a prescription

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