With concern and anger growing over the corrupting influence of big money in politics, activists nationwide and across the South are planning mass civil disobedience at the U.S. Capitol and solidarity events in states nationwide to demand reform.

Massive civil disobedience planned at U.S. Capitol to press case for fair elections

On April 2, hundreds of Americans will gather at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to begin a 10-day march south to the nation's capital to engage in mass civil disobedience. Over 2,000 people so far have pledged to risk arrest.
Why are they willing to walk 140 miles and go to jail?
They are demanding that the U.S. Congress "listen to the People and take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in politics and ensure our elections are free, fair, and afford every American an equal voice, regardless of wealth."
The historic event is part of Democracy Spring, a series of protests and other actions aimed at challenging the dominance of big money in politics and voter disenfranchisement. A coalition of over 90 organizations is participating, including 99Rise, Avaaz, Democracy Matters, the Energy Action Coalition, MAYDAY.US, and MoveOn.
After the marchers arrive in Washington on April 11, they will join more protesters to commence sit-ins under the Capitol rotunda, inside the offices of representatives, and on the building's front steps and grounds, demanding that Congress take action to ensure free and fair elections. The activists are prepared to sit in for six days or more. 
Organizers are asking members of and candidates for Congress to sign an Equal Voice for All People Pledge that states their support for "pro-democracy reforms including voting rights protections, anti-corruption measures, citizen-funded elections, and a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United."
The organizers point to four bills introduced in Congress that would achieve these goals: the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which restores the protections of the Voting Rights Act struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013; the Voter Empowerment Act, which expands voter registration and ballot access; the Democracy For All Amendment, which overturns the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and limits money in elections; and the Government By the People Act/Fair Elections Now Act, which provides small donor matching funds and tax credits to encourage small-dollar contributions. 
If Congress takes no action, the sit-ins will continue until police "send so many of us to jail that it will be the largest civil disobedience action in the United States in a generation," Kai Newkirk, Democracy Spring's campaign director and founder of pro-democracy organization 99Rise, said during a conference call about the event this week.
"Congress must be confronted and we must reckon with this issue as a nation," Newkirk added.
From April 16 to 18, an affiliated series of events billed as Democracy Awakening will take place in Washington. They will include demonstrations, teach-ins, direct action trainings, music performances, and a mass Rally for Democracy, 
Among those who have pledged to risk arrest are Harvard law professor and former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig, Fordham University law professor and New York congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout, actors Mark Ruffalo and Gaby Hoffman, and Public Citizen president Robert Weissman. 
But, says Newkirk, Democracy Spring's power "is really coming from the grassroots, from folks organizing in cities and states."
Over 50 regional organizing hubs — including more than a dozen across the South from Virginia to Texas — are building grassroots support for Democracy Spring. Coordinators at each of these hubs are recruiting participants and organizing transportation to Philadelphia and Washington. Some hubs will conduct the nonviolent civil disobedience training that everyone planning to risk arrest must participate in; training will also be available in Washington during the demonstrations.
"We are at a tipping point in our democracy," says New Orleans hub coordinator Anita Daniel. "Fighting against the influence of money in politics has never been more important ... The time has come for a massive act of civil disobedience."
Maren Poitras, hub coordinator for Asheville, North Carolina, says she is "tired of witnessing the government fail to represent the majority of Americans and protect the public good, fail to address climate change, protect public health, or uphold justice. Especially after the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling it's apparent that big money in politics is the root cause of these myriad issues — it's undermining democracy itself and the concept of one person, one vote."
Kiernan Colby, hub coordinator for Greensboro, North Carolina, noted that there are already many groups in the state working to build grassroots power. "My goal is to bring all of those organizations together so that when we march on the Capitol, our voices will be so loud that Congress can't just walk away and ignore us," he said.
Newkirk says the Democracy Spring actions "will build into what I believe will be an Occupy Wall Street moment that can reshape this election and change the media narrative and inspire folks to stand up and fight."
<p>With concern and anger growing over the corrupting influence of big money in politics, activists nationwide and across the South are planning mass civil disobedience at the U.S. Capitol and solidarity events in states nationwide to demand reform.</p>

With concern and anger growing over the corrupting influence of big money in politics, activists nationwide and across the South are planning mass civil disobedience at the U.S. Capitol and solidarity events in states nationwide to demand reform.

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We The People have long feared, despite all we were told in 7th grade civics class, that our democratic "duty" to vote has no real tangible meaning. Our intuition appears to have come to a full head in the disgrace that was last night's Arizona primary.
When people are expected to wait in line until midnight or are unexplicably told they are "improperly" registered that is not democracy, at least not a healthy or functional democracy. That should not be (but apparently is) what the "Democratic" Party stands for.
If ANY POLITICAL PARTY chooses not to do all it can to engage the electorate and allow democracy to achieve all that it promises, then that party needs to be prepared to accept - fully - the ramifications. The Many, fed up with a system that chronically and purposefully ignores their voice, will have no choice but to dissolve all bonds to insure that #WeThePeople will indeed have our voice heard; by what ever means necessary.
May I suggest that those in charge at the DNC look across the aisle, take note of what they find and decide NOW that "Democrats" will represent, truly represent as public servents, the constituency and do ALL that is necessary to stand (and survive) on the correct side of history.
Please realize that modern democracy was born in Philadelphia in July 1776, and it will not go there to quietly die exactly 240 years later. #WeThePeople will insure this. Not after all We've been through, not after all We've invested, not after all We've endured, not after all We've learned, for we have been to the top of the mountain and have seen the other side! #WeThePeople will not yield, understand that to earn the name DEMOCRATS (and therefore the November votes of #WeThePeople) we demand the voice of all members of the "Leaders of the Democratic World" to not simply be heard, but to be listened to, to truly be considered.

Election process change

We the people need to demand a more transparent voting system. We need to get rid of super delegates, we need to get rid of super PAC's b/c these groups are designed to stop grassroots movements like Bernie Sanders'. We need to totally change the way that we vote. It made sense back in the days of the "Pony Express" but it doesn't now. I think that since we can logistically count each and every individuals vote now due to advanced technology, than my God we should be, b/c that's true Democracy, when each and every person's vote counts!! We must demand change and we must stand together against those who are in power who want to keep the people from rising up against their circumstances. It's time for changes, that are long overdue but we need EVERYONE to get involved in order to make that happen. So, if you care about your children and their children and so on, you must do the hard work now in order for them to even have a future to look forward to. Our young people are losing hope and have no faith in our government or our system until Bernie came along and now the super delegates and super PAC's are trying to knock them back down again. I say ENOUGH! Anyone else w/ me or agree?

Learning Curves

I am a strong supporter of Senator Sanders and have been since beginning to hear his moral, consistent, unwavering, trustworthy stance on the issues facing all of us who share this small and finite planet.
We DO share this planet and with far more than humans who to our own detriment, licensed our species to dictate the rules and moral law over other species. That's a side imperative discussion as it reflects in every fiber of human domination of animals, AND other humans.
Senator Bernie Sanders message has been unchanged and like other wise men of sound moral judgement, in my estimation, he walks shoulder to shoulder with giants among human beings who are compelled, even if they'd rather be eating popcorn with grandchildren, to take on a narrative, paradigm, industrial system of consumption that is now consuming itself and the people who subscribed to it.
I think it is fair to claim that there's enough blame to go around in how US politics, shaped by US ethics and values, manifest in how US military operations ensue, to last until eternity. Scapegoating serves the rotting seeds like those planted by Monsanto that threaten the very life force shared by every being on earth.
It feels to me like it is way overdue to have a new dialect, narrative, deeper than usual reflection and questioning of the very underpinnings of Golden Calf economics. This system IS causing the earth we live upon and share, to, like any toxic patient, become ill and we humans are the cause, as well as the doctors.
Business as usual, as those reading this probably know, can't stand .
I will try and meet up with this effort as I support the intent yet don't necessarily see it as civil disobedience. It's our patriotic obligation to remove the tentacles of the political hydra smothering and choking the life out of free will, as it is doing the same for our sacred Mother Earth.
Bless and protect Bernie Sanders and cheers for the valiant efforts of all those stepping up to transform a manure that has covered the nation. We all know good things can grow out of it.
Be VEGan to so the waste from 65 billion farmed animals and their abject suffering is ended!!!

Looking for a ride

I'm looking for a ride to the rally, if anyone is coming anywhere near northern Alabama please hit me up on my twitter account https://twitter.com/wheeldog

Can pay for gas, can drive a stick

There in Spirit

I am so in awe that this is finally happening! I would give anything to be there and participate but cannot due to my health, being confined to a wheelchair, and lack of funds. However, I WILL be there in spirit and I will be praying for a successful and peaceful event. I had the privilege and honor to march on Washington and hear Dr Martin Luther King's speech, "I Have a Dream". So, I know the effect an event like this can have on and for our country and our people. Bless you all! Namaste

I applaud all who are

I applaud all who are participating. My thoughts, love and prayers go out to you all.



Louisiana will be there

While I can only bring the number of people that will fit in a Prius, we will be hunting up fellow Southerners who can understand our accent as we walk for Democracy to our nation's capitol. It is the least we can do for our struggling Federal Government as the Oligarchy rears its ugly head as we approach our 300th birthday. Oh, the challenges of History and how they repeat themselves. Pray that our unique Constitution represents the People enough to protect us & provide victory for US.

Because is time to clean up the house!

Please...51% and growing don't identify with either party...any side of the coin...same coin....we are the majority...and most DON'T KNOW OF THE ALTERNATIVE.....
“There is an occasion where a third party actually won a presidential election coming into it at as a third party. And that was a time of extreme social upheaval, like what we’re in right now,” Stein said. “His name was Abraham Lincoln.”

The right leader for all wrongs addressed...check her facebook page....her plan...learn...act...share...can vote or not...help make this a reality...for all not the few...united we stand for change..justice ...prosperity and preservation...the only diplomat...not sold out to corporations...the intelligent choice...now not later we may not have that luxury...www.jill2016.com
For we the people for and by the people for the planet!!!

Massive civil disobedience planned at U.S. Capitol

This is showing that the Republican Party is being bought by the big money interests. They no longer think or vote for those who elected them but rather vote no on anything good for the American People or that may make the President look bad. What a shame!

Calls and E-mails too!

The impact of this can be further enhanced if those of us who can't participate in person will take the time to telephone and/or e-mail our Reps. and Senators, repeatedly, beginning on April 11.

I will be in DC

I hope to join you in DC since I will be there at that time to lobby Congress for the passage of the Military Justice Improvement Act.

Song for the march

The corrupting influence of big money in our political system is an issue that crosses over the left/right divide. We must find common ground in changing this. I've written, and performed in many venues, this song about a Congress that is effectively "owned" by special interests, and no longer acts in the interest of we the people. I would love to join the march and sing this song: "Congress for Sale"


I feel I must disabuse the

I feel I must disabuse the posting of the previous author. At the risk of betraying my fun-loving self, I deeply hope the march doesn't wax Cabaret-like when what confronts voters--from both parties now--is that we just might be at a point where there's no turning back; at least for voters who are moved by Bernie Sanders' platform messages as well as infuriated with and frustrated by "the dunces all in confederacy against him." I want to encourage anyone interested to march, to march with serious intent as well as to march with a measure of levity, too.

Will be in DC that week

The 26000 letter project will be in DC that week to take letters to senators and congresspersons. This will be our second trip and the third time I have gone to DC to lobby for Sen Gillibrand's Military Justice Improvement Act. This would change the way sexual assaults and other very serious crimes are handled. I hope to be able to join some of the sit in activities. However I am a bit disabled so I cannot get arrested. My fear is I would be hurt if I was man handled in any way. I hope to be able to make a sign about my project. Website is 26000letterproject.com you can also find us on Facebook at 26000 letter project.

April 11

Please keep me up to date on this. I am so sick and tired of the blatant corruption in this election. They don't even try to hide it anymore, look us right in the face and lie and steal. I cannot do the 9 day March due to health reasons but can come for the major event. I am sick and tired and enough is enough. If our representatives won't stand up for us we need to take Democracy into our own hands.

Mass Mobilization

Yes! We need massive demonstrations, marches on Washington, a general strike, everything possible to mobilize the people to back up Bernie Sanders. He can't take on Wall Street and the military-industrial-security complex all by himself. He must have the support of a massive mobilization of people, massive acts of non-violent civil disobedience for a real democratic revolution to succeed. But watch out for the agents provocateurs, disguised as protesters, committing acts of violence. This has been the long been the most important strategy of the ruling class against popular activism. No violence or advocacy of violence can be tolerated. Our models must be Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Campaign finance reform is only one issue. More important is the destruction of our economy by Wall Street swindlers and the contol of our foreign policy by the military-industrial complex which is one of endless war. But for God's sake let's learn from the mistakes of the 60's, not repeat them.

Requesting Contact Information

Please provide contact info for Maren Poitras hub coordinator in Asheville, North Carolina as mentioned in the article.

maren.poitras@gmail.com You


You can find contact info for all hub coordinators here: http://www.democracyspring.org/localorganizing

I've wanted to see this

I've wanted to see this happen for years. I'm not able to participate anymore, but I just SO want to do something! This is answer to prayer!

Awesome, absolutely

Awesome, absolutely awesome!!! Thank you :)

So Proud

I'm proud of everyone committed to this! I only wish I lived closer, or could afford to fly out! I would join this in a heart beat!

Our hearts are with all of you amazing people!

Instead of the entire 10

Instead of the entire 10 days, will it be acceptable to meet the group in Washington,DC.?

State level organization also?

Yes! Can we please get this on a state level too for those of us that can't make it to DC! Have a huge event happening in DC while others all across the nation also show that we are here and we care!

Yes!! State actions too!

Is there a method for initiating coherent state level action? I'm in Hawaii, are there local organizations or organizers who want to make it happen here??

March to Congress

Could this be organized for each state capital so those of us that can't get to Washington DC but still want to participate in some way?

I just made a similar

I just made a similar statement on the Facebook page this was shared on. Many west coasters simply can't mobilize to DC.

Yes!! Pleeease!!

Yes!! Pleeease!!

support activity for those who can not go

I think the going is so awesome, I hope it is kept fun, fun, fun. A mardi gras, not a protest march................Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman did amazing projects to stand up for their position that peace surely was better than drafting and killing and maiming all our young men.............In their books their antics are outlines. One they did was so funny to me, they said they were going to bring people to the Pentagon, to levitate it with meditation and supernatural powers, and on that day they were going to surround the pentagon to make sure while it was levitated the evil in it would be exorcised.........by any type of religion or athiest practice people wanted to do. They say in the book it made a fool of our government as they put extreme military opposition to something so silly, what kind of government leaders, asked Jerry and Abbie, would believe a group of people could levitate any building, let alone the pentagon. Another time they said a huge protest would be at Wall Street. Media went all out to say NO, we won't let them disturb Wall Street. The people went on the roof tops and threw away money........it closed down Wall Street...........I am disabled, and old, and could not walk across the room, let alone 140 miles, but think the youth of America with technology can make sure that with flash mobs and maybe an American dance for whatever it is we DO want..........all over the nation at the same moment of both the start of the walk, and the arrival at the site.............would be awesome............and include everyone, People who can not get out of home, or hospital, or even jail could send selfie flash mob dances at the moment of leaving and the moment of arrival in support.......HOW FUN! God bless. Whatever God each of us believes in, or not as Maher says.

Lets Put The Promise of America In Writting

It is time to add "responsibility" and opportunity to the Pledge of Allegiance.
Do you agree that WE should support adding 2 words to the Pledge of Allegiance. We want to create more Opportunities for the middle class and the working poor. We also want, the people that receive the most from our Nation and economy, take on more of the Responsibility of maintaining the economy, and society, because they own and receive so much of the GDP.
What do you think WE should do? Do you want to help?
For more info. wp.me/p42WQA-7L

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