Mapping Influence in North Carolina

Every day, groups across the political spectrum fight to get their issues heard and influence lawmakers in the halls of power. Who are these groups, and how are they connected to each other? And how are conservative groups on the political right different from progressive groups on the left?

In summer 2012, the Institute for Southern Studies launched “Mapping Influence in North Carolina,” a project to explore the political networks on both the right and left in N.C.

Below you will find two interactive charts: one showing the 10 largest progressive influence groups (and clusters of legally-connected groups) in N.C.; the other with the biggest conservative groups/clusters. Using the latest available data, the maps show how much money these groups have to influence policy, and the overlapping leadership on their boards.

Together, they offer a snapshot of who the biggest groups are and how they are linked together. They also reveal interesting differences in the size, focus and people behind conservative and progressive networks.

WHO DID THIS? Mapping Influence in North Carolina is a special project of the Institute for Southern Studies, a nonprofit media and research center based in Durham, N.C. Project Director: Chris Kromm. Institute Editorial Director: Sue Sturgis. Project Researchers: Aimee Schmidt and Vidya Sankar. Web Project Designer: Jessica Turner. QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Contact us at

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