Encyclopedia of Southern Life and Change (1983)

Excerpt from Issue Introduction:

This issue commemorates the tenth anniversary of the birth of Southern Exposure. You can tell TenM what kind of magazine we've been by the collection of excerpts gathered here, in alphabetical Anniversary order, from the more than 700 articles we've published since May, 1973. Some of the selections are funny. Some are deadly serious. Some are filled with numbers. Others are the voices of the plain people who populate this region and who speak the plain truth.

In ten years, these articles have taught us a great deal about ourselves, our place on this planet, our past and future, our responsibilities as citizens and as human beings. Southern Exposure began quite simply as a means for progressive people across the South to share information so they could think better, act more effectively, and gain a richer sense of their collective identity and mission (see page 176). The lessons and emotions and creativity that people have shared with one another through these pages remain, even after a decade, both inspiring and instructive; and if you are not already a subscriber, we invite you to join us now in this ongoing learning-leading-listening exchange.

Table of Contents

  • 2     In the Beginning
    • Former editors of Southern Exposure give a personal view of its "early history
  • 15     Encyclopedia of Southern life and Change
    • Excerpts lifted virtually word-for-word from the best of ten years of Southern Exposure
  • 132     Institute Staff and our Sustainers
    • Introducing the current staff and a new program for our readers
  • 134     Messages from Supporters
    • Goodwill and information on useful services/ products from our friends


  • 168     Letters from Our Readers
  • 169     Southern News Roundup
    • Chattahoochee park on Watt's hit list; South's Congressional delegation single biggest obstacle to change; West Virginia utility reformers win; and more
  • 172     Readers Corner
    • Reflections on Appalachia's "in-between" generation, by Garry Barker
  • 174     Resources
    • Handbook for the '80s; citizen's guide to oil and gas leasing; grassroots fundraising; what if the plant closes?
  • 175     Facing South
    • "Go catch me a fish," by Joseph Hufham
  • 176     Voices from The Past
    • "Let's start a magazine," by Bob Hall
Volume and Number: 
Vol. 11, No. 3

Since 1973 Southern Exposure has gained critical praise for its thorough investigations, unsentimental portraits of Southern life, and public interest reporting.