Our Food (1983)

Farmers in the South, already squeezed between high debt payments and low market prices, have just experienced the worst drought in 50 years. Total harvest yields are not compiled, but the number of counties applying for federal disaster relief is growing to staggering proportions.

Table of Contents


  • Linda Rocawich ... Our Food, Our Common Ground
  • Debby Wechsler ... Healthy Food in A Living Landscape
  • Cheryl Hiers ... Pioneers on the Citrus Frontier
  • Diana Mara Henry ... Future Food?
  • Krista Brewer ... The Good Life on a 25-Acre Farm
  • Phaye Poliakoff ... "Some Poor Old Country People": Interview with Alice Balance
  • Susan Bright ... Pie (a prose poem)
  • Whats Good to Eat?
  • Eclipse of the Blue Moon Foods
  • Christina Davis ... Your Health is in Your Power
  • Marci Kramish ... Eat for Good Health


  • Helen Cordes ... Co-Ops / Acadian Delight Bakery
  • Larry Levine ... Co-Ops / New River Trading Co-Op
  • Vernie Singleton ... Co-Ops / Hilton Head Island Fishing Co-Op
  • Charles Blackburn, Jr. ... The Golden Pine Cone (short story)
  • L.A. Winokur & Chip Hughes ... Workers of the Harvest
  • James J. Horgan ... The Union Makes A Difference
  • Daniel H. Unser ... Food From Nature
  • Susan Tyler Hitchcock ... Gather Ye Wild Things
  • Hope Shand ... Billions of Chickens
  • Kathleen Hughes ... Return to the Jungle
  • Ken Lawrence & Anne Braden ... The Long Struggle
  • Patsy Moore Ginns ... Snowbird Gravy and Dishpan Pie
  • Geoffrey Rips & Linda Rocawich ... Raise Less Corn and More Hell: Interview with Jim Hightower
  • James L. Orr ... Stay on the Farm
Volume and Number: 
VOL. 11, NO. 11

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