Facing the 90s (1989)

Excerpt from Southern News Roundup:

Sometimes it seems a "New South" gets proclaimed every time someone puts up a shopping mall. But if anyone wants proof that such a thing really exists, look no further than the November 7 election in Virginia, where Democratic Lieutenant Governor Doug Wilder became the first black elected governor in U.S. history. Wilder's narrow victory —by fourtenths of one percent— exposed a cultural fault line running through Virginia. Republican Marshall Coleman beat Wilder in almost every part of Virginia, except the two that now matter most the fast-growing suburbs around Washington, D.C. and Norfolk, which now comprise almost half the state's population.

Table of Contents

  • 2 Dateline: The South
  • 4 Southern News Roundup 
  • 8 Small Town, Big Screen 
  • 14 Bottom of the Class 
  • 51 Drawing the Line
  • 56 Power in the Delta
  • 60 The Color of Ballots
  • 20 Pay Dirt
  • 25 Our Coast
  • 30 Care and Punishment
  • 36 The Face of Poverty
  • 42 Fiction: Beaner's Story
  • 48 Southern Voices: Killing Us Softly
  • 64 The Last Word

Volume and Number: 
Vol 17, No. 4

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