25th Anniversary Edition (1999)

Celebrating SE's rich heritage was a reminder that anniversaries are as much about where you're going, as they are about where you've been. We have set our sights on the next 25 years of publishing for change. 

That's why, when we asked 25 "change-makers" to write for this issue, we asked them to look forward as well as back; to reflect on how far we've come over the last 25 years, but to also predict what's needed for us to live closer to our ideals in the next quarter century. Particularly inspiring are the voices of the next generation, such as editorial board member Kim Diehl, who feels "a strengthening of spirits ... in the face of incarceration and oppression," and SE fiction editor Jordan Green, who commits his energy to Southern Exposure because "it is a vessel of struggle, a ragged band of true believers."

As we wrap up our anniversary season, we're hoping you'll be part of the next 25 years of Southern Exposure. If you don't subscribe, now's a good time to join (we'll even throw in a free copy of our new investigative report on farmworkers, "Uprooting Injustice"). If you're already a member, keep subscribing - we can promise that Southern Exposure will continue to inform and inspire you about prospects for a better South.

Table of Contents

  • 25 Years of Southern Exposure Enduring truths and changing times at the South's journal of progressive change
  • What's in a Name? The Other Southern Exposures
  • Making History A Southern Exposure Timeline
  • A 25th Anniversary Celebration Candid shots from SE's birthday bash

Special Section

25 Voices for Change Julian Bond * Anne Braden * Pat Bryant * Mandy Carter * Kim Diehl Ajamu Dillahunt * Scott Douglas * John Hope Franklin * Jordan Green * Bob Hall * Jim Hightower * Alicia Maria Junco * Kamau Macharia * Cynthia McKinney * Tema Okun * John O'Neal * Suzanne Pharr * Bernice Johnson Reagon * Diane Roberts * Arturo Rodriguez * June Rostan * Malika Sanders * Hollis Watkins, Jr. * Leah Wise * Harmon Wray


Volume and Number: 
Vol. 27 No. 1

Since 1973 Southern Exposure has gained critical praise for its thorough investigations, unsentimental portraits of Southern life, and public interest reporting.