One Year After Katrina

The State of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

Institute for Southern Studies
Southern Exposure (Vol. XXXIV, Nos. 3 & 4)
Aug/Sept 2006

Hurricane Katrina shook the world as millions watched in horror not only at the devastating winds and floods, but also at the failure of national leaders to come to the region's aid. As the weeks and months passed, the catastrophes of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita -- and the failed emergency response -- gave way to another tragedy: a failed recovery and rebuilding process that locked out thousands of Gulf Coast residents.

In "One Year After Hurricane Katrina: The State of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast", the Institute analyzed over 200 indicators in 13 categories to track the status of Gulf Coast rebuilding. The report also features status reports on issues from housing to environmental protection and investigations into the region's key power brokers.

Table of Contents:

  • 2 Introduction
  • Sections
    • 4 People of Katrina: Demographics & the Diaspora
    • 14 Search for Shelter: Housing
    • 18 Brick by Brick: Infrastructure
    • 22 Making a Living: Economy
    • 32 Power Brokers: Contracts and Corporations
    • 42 School Squeeze: Education
    • 48 A Fragile Gulf: Environment
    • 58 Vital Signs: Health
    • 64 Law and Order: Justice System
    • 68 Soul of the Gulf: Culture
    • 74 The Next Storm: Hurricane Readiness
    • 82 The World is Watching: Human Rights
  • 89 Katrina Directory Index
  • 90 Sources
Volume and Number: 
Vol. XXXIV, Nos. 3 & 4

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