DURHAM, N.C. — With debates over voting and elections at a fever pitch in the state and country, a team of advocates and experts have unveiled a set of bipartisan steps North Carolina can take to improve voting, combat corruption, and promote good government.


The new report, “Blueprint for a Stronger Democracy,” draws on the expertise of 10 state and national groups to highlight best practices used by Democrats and Republicans in other states on a range of democracy issues, such as voter access, election administration, and ethics laws.


“North Carolina has a proud history of leadership in promoting measures to improve our elections and democracy,” said Melissa Price Kromm, executive director of North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections, a nonpartisan pro-democracy coalition that helped coordinate the report. “Unfortunately, our state has lost ground in recent years. Today, North Carolina has an opportunity to once again be a leader in strengthening democracy.”


The report offers a range of innovative solutions, including many that have been successfully implemented in other states under Democratic and Republican leadership. More than 20 experts in election administration, campaign finance, and other fields contributed to the Blueprint, including authors from the Campaign Legal Center, Democracy North Carolina, and the North Carolina Black Alliance, among other organizations.


“These are practical, common-sense proposals, many with a track record of success and bipartisan support in states across the country,” said Benjamin Barber, a research associate at the Institute for Southern Studies, a nonprofit research and education center that helped produce the report. “If lawmakers act on these ideas, they could put North Carolina back in the forefront as a champion of democracy.”

For a copy of the full report, please visit here [PDF]